Think outside the litter box.

Each year, countless of returned goods end up in Canadian landfills which inspired us to create our 'No landfill Policy'. We challenged ourselves to think outside the litter box to find a way to further minimize our carbon footprint (or paw print). In the process, we came up with some creative ways to reinvent our products and give them new life to help animals in need. If you are an animal sanctuary or a shelter in need, we'd love to connect so we can help.

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New life

Returned Doggy Bathrooms are given new purpose and transformed into cozy animal beds or, when turned upside down - pet houses for small animals when at their most vulnerable.

We've teamed up with Bedgear to provide returned pillows for this mission, diverting them from landfills and giving them a second chance to bring comfort where it's needed most.

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Doggy Bathrooms can also be transformed into litter boxes for cats who can't use traditional litter boxes and in some cases, whelping boxes for expecting feline mothers.

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Breast Cancer Awareness

Doggy Bathroom believes in social responsibility and the impact a business can have on a community. Since 2020, breast cancer has become the most common form of cancer worldwide. There is a pressing need for more awareness and breast cancer research.

Doggy Bathroom donates all proceeds from ‘Pink’ products - including the ‘Pink’ Doggy Bathroom Starter Kit and ‘Pink’ Base to Breast Cancer Awareness initiatives annually for #Pinktober #Switch2Pink #ThinkPink.

Introducing Westie!

Say hello to our new eco-bestie, Westie. Made with leftover fabric from our Doggy Bathroom mats, Westie helps prevent waste from going into landfills and give our upcycled textiles a new life. Given to pups throughout the year, Westie is on a mission to promote sustainability as he is on a quest to find his forever home.

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