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Doggy Bathroom

Here it is!  Now, your favourite pup can freely walk into their Doggy Bathroom, turn around, choose a side to lift his leg or squat to eliminate without making a mess!  While males make use of the vertical pee pads, females can call the Doggy Bathroom their own too, by simply removing the rails with one easy snap.  Re-install anytime.

The roomy Doggy Bathroom allows your dog to walk in, freely move around and use their dog litter box easily and when they naturally need to.

While you can use our custom pee pads designed especially for the Doggy Bathroom, you can also use your own pee pads on the bottom and/or affix them to the rails with our handy clips.

The Doggy Bathroom is proudly made in Canada.

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Pee Pads

Doggies can use their private dog litter box whenever they naturally need to. Simply replace our custom fitted pee pads to freshen up as needed.

Our collection of pee pads are made with biodegradable materials and have a special scent to attract dogs to use them.  We added baking soda to deodorize them so your pup can get multiple uses out of each one. 

Our pee pads have an adhesive strip on the back to help secure them vertically to the rails for our furry leg-lifters.  Using just your fingertips, simply peel back the adhesive strip from the pee pad and gently tap it along each rail. 

One size fits both sides and bottom.



Add a touch of luxury and keep your floors pristine with our stylish, plush mats. At the entrance of the Doggy Bathroom, the mat is gentle and soft to the touch so your doggy will love to enter and exit their personal dog litter box whenever the urge strikes. New colours and patterns will be released seasonally to coordinate with your own personal environment.

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Hang your pee pads quickly and easily with our handy clips. The innovative design of our Doggy Bathroom allows you to use your own pee pads and fasten them into place vertically. Your loyal companion will appreciate the accommodations.

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Snap one rail onto each side of the Doggy Bathroom to secure pee pads vertically with our handy clips or, with our smartly designed adhesive pee pads. The rails can be easily removed and reinstalled anytime which makes our dog litter box adaptable to both male and female dogs. 

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Designed for all dog.

Male Bathroom. The Doggy Bathroom is outfitted with a pair of rails that simply snap into place on both sides of the Doggy Bathroom which allow you to vertically secure pee pads inside the dog litter box.  As you already know by now, we’re committed to design excellence and have invested a lot of resources towards designing the perfect, high-performing pee pads for the Doggy Bathroom.  But just in case you prefer to use your own pee pads, we don't want to prevent you from enjoying all the benefits of our product.  For this reason, we’re including with each Doggy Bathroom Starter Kit, a set of specially-designed clips so you can easily secure your own pee pads vertically onto the rails.

Female Bathroom. While female dogs typically do not lift their leg (although we have been proven wrong in some cases!), one pee pad simply lines the bottom and so, the rails can be removed.