Pee Pads


Our pee pads have a special scent to attract dogs to use them as well as baking soda to remove the smell after they’ve been used. They are white and super stylish, and turn liquid into gel upon contact. We designed them in white so they blend into the bathroom itself, making the ensemble look sleek and modern. We also have specially designed pee pads for our furry leg-lifters, custom-fitted with a custom adhesive strip on the back to fasten them vertically to the rails inside the bathroom so they remain upright. Simply replace as needed.

  • Flash gel technology turns liquid into gel on contact perfect for vertical application
  • Choose between two sizes to fit your Doggy Bathroom, big or little
  • Available with or without adhesive strip
  • Box of 100 or 50
  • Available on a subscription
  • Perfect for puppies, small dogs, elderly dogs, bad weather, condo living


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