Doggy Bathroom


The Doggy Bathroom is the only indoor potty solution for toy breeds including males who lift their leg. While males make use of the vertical pee pads, females can call the Doggy Bathroom their own too, but without the need for vertical pee pads. The Doggy Bathroom can be easily adapted to either males or females with a simple snap-in solution. We offer two different sets of rails: one for males and another set for females. 

The roomy Doggy Bathroom allows your dog to walk in, freely move around and go to the bathroom easily and when they naturally need to with the help of our biodegradable pee pads.

A soft-touch absorbent welcome mat greets your pet every time they go in and out of their bathroom. It also absorbs 95% of any liquid that may have inadvertently gotten under your pal’s paw. While you can use our eco-friendly pee pads in your unit, you can also affix your own pee pads on the bottom or to the side rails with clips that come included in your kit.

  • Antibacterial plastic
  • Matte grey rubberized base for stability
  • Easy to clean glossy white finish
  • Adapts to male or female dogs
  • Perfect for male dogs who lift their leg
  • Perfect for condos, bad weather, cottages, offices
  • Creates independence
  • Confined space for your dog’s business
  • Creates visual privacy
  • Keeps the pee pads in place
  • Use our biodegradable custom pee pads for a stylish and perfect fit
  • Can use any pee pad


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