Doggy Bathroom Starter Kit

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The Doggy Bathroom is the only dog litter box that takes care of number one and number two messes. For small breeds, including males who lift their leg, the easy-to-clean system includes custom pee pads designed for vertical liquid absorption and odor masking. The Doggy Bathroom’s sleek look complements any room while its smart design gives your dog a private and comfy place to take care of business.

The Doggy Bathroom Starter Kit includes: 1 enclosure, 1 base, 2 rails, 6 clips, 3 mats and 100 pee pads*. A double kit includes 2 enclosures, 2 bases, 4 rails, 12 clips, 6 mats and 200 pee pads.

*While our custom pee pads are designed especially for the Doggy Bathroom, other brands will work, too. Just use the provided set of clips to hang your own pee pads vertically from the rails. 


The Doggy Bathroom is 28" deep x 20" wide x 16" tall 
(71 cm x 51 cm x 41 cm)


  • Prevents leakage and is easy to clean
  • Suitable for both males who lift their legs and female dogs
  • Perfect for puppy training, condo living, aging dogs, bad weather, etc.
  • Offers a private space for your dog to take care of their business
  • Creates potty independence
  • Rubberized base keeps the Doggy Bathroom securely in place

Installation + Training

Download the Installation Guide