Design is the answer.

Cleanliness is serious

A carefully designed system lets you replace pee pads in seconds using just your fingertips. The Doggy Bathroom is the only dog litter box that keeps your floor and walls protected by keeping everything contained in one small space. We also designated a mat for extra protection at the doorstep of the Doggy Bathroom. It’s completely on the exterior and keeps unwanted paw prints from going beyond where they shouldn’t.

Your dog’s own private bathroom

Design is our business. The Doggy Bathroom offers visual privacy for both pets and parents. Its sleek design and sharp lines offer cutting-edge, modern style for any home, condo, office or hotel room. We also know that size matters so we designed our dog litter box to be as small as possible while providing enough room for doggies to freely move around.

The Doggy Bathroom measures 28" deep x 20" wide and is 16" tall.

Great design

Much time was spent researching the materials we would use in our product. Everything is made with only the highest quality materials that are not only durable but won't discolour over time.

The Doggy Bathroom adapts from male to female at any given time thanks to its clever snap-in rails system.

We spent lots of time testing different thicknesses to not overuse raw material all the while achieving the perfect density, which earned Alain’s high-quality stamp of approval.

Reusability and recyclability

The Doggy Bathroom is made of 100% recyclable plastic. Our high-quality plastic is white in color, which makes it the easiest materials to recycle. The Doggy Bathroom can be passed down from dog to dog and can be adapted from male to female by simply adding or removing the rails.

Our packaging is made from recycled brown paper and clear PE plastic bags, meaning it can all be recycled. We created custom packaging that is minimal, lightweight and recyclable to help minimize emissions and waste.

We also avoid mixed and toxic materials and eliminate unnecessary layers or extra boxes. When boxes are necessary, we make sure they are strong enough so they don’t have to be boxed again for shipping.

Friendly Canadian factory - eh!

Our chosen manufacturer of the Doggy Bathroom is ISO 9001:2015 certified and is based in Montreal, Canada while our raw materials are sourced from the United-States.

The Doggy Bathroom base is made of non-toxic materials, which limits the risk of harm to the health of factory workers, pet owners, doggies, and the environment alike. The plastic we use is also low emitting, making it the ideal material to work with.