Design is the Answer.


We're serious about cleanliness

The Doggy Bathroom is the only dog litter box that keeps all of your pup’s messes in one easy-to-clean space. Our carefully designed system lets you replace pee pads in seconds. For extra protection, place one of our plush microfibre mats at the entrance, which will keep your dog’s paws clean and your floors free of debris.

Everyone deserves a little privacy

The Doggy Bathroom’s design gives your dog a private place to take care of their business, while its modern look complements any home, office or hotel room. While unobtrusive in size, its interior is spacious enough for your dog to walk in, freely move around and go to the bathroom whenever they need to.

The Doggy Bathroom measures 28" deep x 20" wide x 16" tall (71 cm x 51 cm x 41 cm)

Great design takes time

We spent a lot of time researching and testing materials to achieve the perfect density. The resulting product is extremely durable and won’t discolour over time. We use new high-quality ABS plastic for the main enclosure and TPE for the base. The rails that snap along the top to secure pee pads vertically are easily removed, making the Doggy Bathroom adaptable for female dogs, or males that don’t lift their leg.

Reusability and recyclability

The Doggy Bathroom is made of 100% recyclable plastic. Our use of high-quality materials means that the Doggy Bathroom will last a long time and can be passed along to other dog owners.

To minimize emissions and waste, the packaging we use is minimal, lightweight and recyclable, consisting of recycled brown paper and clear PE plastic. We do not use mixed or toxic materials.

Made in a friendly Canadian factory

Our chosen manufacturer of the Doggy Bathroom is ISO 2000 certified. We source raw materials from the United States and use a warehouse in close proximity to help reduce emissions. The Doggy Bathroom is made of non-toxic, low-emitting materials, which limits the risk of harm to factory workers, pet owners, dogs, and the environment.

Sustainable fulfillment and distribution

We take great strides to ensure our product is environmentally-friendly. The Doggy Bathroom is designed to be stacked with up to 20 units in the same footprint. The lightweight material used makes shipping and transporting easier.

We optimize every container for overseas shipping to ensure the lowest emissions possible. We consolidate our items and only ship when a container is full.

We work with warehouses and distribution centres that are environmentally conscious.