Why You Need a Real Grass Patch

What’s up, everyone - it’s Sterling! 

You know how much we are fans of minimal cleaning. We found a potty solution that requires just as little maintenance as the Doggy Bathroom! Some awesome humans have created a patch of real, fresh grass to be used like a pee pad. The grass naturally absorbs liquid and odor, but the best part is - us doggos instinctively want to use it since it’s real grass! And, it’s eco-friendly!  Talk about genius, am I right? Woof!

Canadians interested in the Doggy Bathroom will love Pooch Patch’s grass patch. That includes condo dwellers, puppy training owners, long-hour workers, older or injured dogs, or just practical thinkers!  The Doggy Bathroom’s walls are tall enough (16”) on the side to give you that extra splash guard protection.  Also, the grass inside may help your dog adjust to the Doggy Bathroom quicker as they are likely already familiar with grass.

But don't take it from me, take it from my new Iggy friend Edgar (@iggyedgarcocomero) 

“I’ve used grass in my Doggy Bathroom since I got it because I’m fancy like that and I LOVE it.”

Just a note, there are artificial grass patches and other alternatives such as bark or pellets that may work just as well.

Who was it that said, “It’s not easy being green” - was that my good friend Kermit the frog?!  Well, I hate to admit it, but he was wrong about this one. 

And that’s the scoop, guys!  Come back next week for the next hottest topic in our dog world. 🌎🐾

Love, Sterling @doggybathroom


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