Why the Doggy Bathroom is perfect for aging pets

One of the biggest reasons pet owners turn to the Doggy Bathroom is because they have an older pet. As dog's age, holding it in or finding appropriate places to relieve themselves can become difficult. And, if you’re ever running late, it can become very stressful trying to get home to our seniors to let them outside. 

It's always hard to accept the signs that your dog is getting old, but making an old dog comfortable can be one of the best and most compassionate things that a pet owner can do. Not only that, but our intuitive pets can feel a lot of shame and embarrassment when they have accidents in the house – nothing is more heartbreaking as a pet owner than watching our pets’ struggle. 

The Doggy Bathroom gives peace of mind to your aging dogs, which will, in turn, give you peace of mind. They have their own space that is close-by and accessible, not to mention private, and you have the reassurance of knowing your pet always has a designated place to “go.” Give your older dog his or her independence back – they’ll thank you for it in licks and cuddles. 

Since the aging process is inevitable for dogs, to make the transition as easy as possible for a senior dog, try and introduce them to the Doggy Bathroom earlier in their life. It is much easier to train a puppy than an older dog, and this will help to alleviate one of the messiest problems an aging dog might face.  

If you’re looking for how to make an old dog comfortable, start with the Doggy Bathroom Starter Kit that is packed with all of the essentials, our thick and fluffy pee pads designed for vertical absorption, and a super soft microfibre towel to keep them cozy.





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