How These Influencers are Celebrating Father's Day

Father’s Day is here, and this year, we’re barking for joy in recognition of all the great Dog Dads worldwide! Being a pet parent requires lots of devotion, love, patience, and time – and we want to celebrate all the dedicated pet parents out there. 

For Father’s Day, we had the pleasure of interviewing four dog dads of Instagram, and they shared all their experiences and stories with us on what it’s like being a pet parent. Read down below to find out how @goodboyglenny, @mauitheiggy, @walnutthepom, and @iggyadelaide are celebrating this special day! 

1. How are you celebrating Father's Day as a dog dad? 

Goodboyglenny: Father’s Day as a doggy dad will be spent outside as much as possible letting little Maui stretch her legs and run! Nothing makes me happier than seeing her run and play and just enjoy the sunshine!

Iggyadelaide: We love going to the drive-in movie with the dogs! I think we’ll go see either Jurassic World or Top Gun! 

2. What is your funniest training stories when you first adopted your pup? 

Goodboyglenny: DEFINITELY the evolution of our potty training. We were told to praise Glenn when he used his Doggy Bathroom, and for a while, a “good boy!” or a “yes!” was enough…eventually, this became an actual song (and dance) we do everytime Glenn puts on a “performance”. (honestly, at this point, who is it REALLY for?)

Walnutthepom: Once, we were trying to get Walnut to learn how to play fetch because he doesn’t like balls or toys in general. One time, we thought he was finally learning and he was getting really into it - throwing the ball in the hair, rolling around, sprinting back and forth etc. He got so into it, that he ended up jumping on the bed and rolling around with the toy. But…he got so excited, that he peed himself on the bed. And it didnt stop him! He was so excited about playing with the ball that he kept playing!

3. What’s your favourite part about being a dog dad?

Iggyadelaide: My favorite part is how excited they are when we come home! We don't have to worry about messes when they're home alone for a couple hours with Doggy Bathroom, and we know they love us from all the kisses as soon as we walk in the door.

Mauitheiggy: My favourite part about being a dog dad is EVERYTHING. Having a tiny little pup who loves you unconditionally and you see develop their own unique personality and skills through training is so immensely rewarding. I love every second of it.


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