4 Ways to Level Up Your Dog Space

Now that spring is in full bloom, it’s the perfect time to start decluttering and redecorating your home – including your pup’s space! There are so many ways to add extra comfort and style to your dog's living space. Read on to learn 4 new tips on how to level up your dog’s space as you welcome the fresh hues of spring. 

1. Choose a color scheme for the space

We’ve all seen images on Instagram and Pinterest of beautiful living spaces. In these inspo posts, there is always a common theme that helps the room look cohesive and put together: a color scheme. Choose items with similar shades that blend together to add cohesion to your room. Choose an accent color that you use sparingly to help your dog’s space pop

2. Set up by some greengry, painting or furniture

Add an extra oomph to your dog’s space by setting it up near eloquent home decor. This will really help spruce up your home and blend everything together. Plants, paintings, or furniture are all perfect spots to place your pup’s new hangout spot. 

3. Add a mat for colour

Switch up the decor in the dog-friendly areas of your home by adding a Doggy Bathroom mat from our brand new Dayspring Collection. These mats are available in warm cream, cool grey, and modern soft red that will compliment your spring florals and bring in a sense of lightness into your home. They are versatile to fit into any space for any use, whether that be in front of your Doggy Bathroom, by the front door, or any high traffic space for paws. 

4. Switch up your Base colour

Customize your Doggy Bathroom with a colored base made from sturdy non-slip rubber. Choose between navy, dark grey, light grey, and rose to match the color scheme of your pup’s special abode. The base can also be used as a pee pad holder for small female dogs or males that don’t lift their leg.


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