4 Ways Doggy Bathroom is Eco Friendly

4 Ways Doggy Bathroom is Eco Friendly

At DoggyBathroom, one of the pillars of our small business is reducing our carbon pawprint as much as possible. We are focused on creating and finding ways for our products to be as sustainable as possible and are looking at the lifecycle of our products to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Here are four ways that Doggy Bathroom is committed to lowering our environmental impact. 

We make products that last

At Doggy Bathroom, we needed to design a product that lasts. The Doggy Bathroom tried and tested to ensure that it will last for years to come. We’ve built the Doggy Bathroom out of high-quality 100% recyclable plastic made to withstand even the most energetic pups and designed to hand down from dog to dog. The Doggy Bathroom is also adaptable, switching from a male to a female dog by removing the rails. It can also withstand hot and cold weather whether it’s for indoor usage or outside on the balcony for maximum use. 

We use sustainable materials

Doggy Bathroom is made of 100% recycled plastic to be as eco-friendly as possible. The bathroom is compatible with our signature vertical pee pads that are made of biodegradable materials but can also be used with reusable pee pads, a natural or a reusable grass patch.  Our Doggy Bathroom pickup bags are eco-friendly as well. Made with high-quality, compostable and plant-based materials, you can pick up after your pup with less waste. 

We package our products for sustainable shipment

Not only do we sustainably make our products, but we've also considered our environmental impact in the way we ship our products. Our packaging is made from recycled brown paper and clear PE plastic bags, meaning it can all be recycled. We created custom packaging that is minimal, lightweight and recyclable to help minimize emissions and waste and avoid mixed and toxic materials and eliminate unnecessary layers or extra boxes. When boxes are necessary, we make sure they are strong enough so they don’t have to be boxed again for shipping. Plus, the Doggy Bathroom is designed to be stacked, allowing us to stack up to 22 Doggy Bathrooms on the same footprint shipping locally from our warehouses in Montreal and in New Hampshire. 

We created our own “no landfill” program

Each year, over five billion pounds of returned goods end up in U.S. landfills. We challenged ourselves to think outside the litter box and create our own 'No landfill Policy' to respond to product returns (which is already at a low 5%). We came up with some creative ways to reinvent our products and give them new life to help animals in need. Instead of disposing of any returned items, we upcycle all of our returned and damaged items and donate them to charities, animal shelters or sanctuaries.


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