Doggy Bathroom’s Summer Cleaning Tips

Doggy Bathroom’s Summer Cleaning Tips

Summer is here, and with all the hot weather comes more time to spend out and about with your pup! With all the hustling and bustling, things can get messy but luckily for you, cleaning your Doggy Bathroom and pet area is as easy as 1-2-3. We’ve rounded up some quick tips to keep your pup’s area clean and tidy this summer.

1. Wipe down the Doggy Bathroom

One of the best parts of the Doggy Bathroom is that it is easy to clean. Our Doggy Bathroom pee pads are super thick and fluffy and designed for vertical liquid absorption, ensuring that they absorb your pup’s business and should leave the enclosure dry. We recommend wiping down with a cleaning cloth or damp cloth with a basic cleaning solution. If there is a big mess, you can take it outside and spray it down with a hose, but usually, a quick wipe is all that you need.

2. Organize your Doggy’s accessories

Whether you’re buying supplies in bulk or have a pee pads subscription, it's important to keep your dog’s area clean and organized. We recommend keeping your extra pee pads, dog towel and clean mats nearby to switch out items and have everything you need in one place. If you’re short on closet storage space, install a floating shelf nearby to keep the supplies together.

3. Pack your puppy’s tote bag

To make trips to the park and walks around the block easier, we like to keep all of our dog’s essentials ready in one of our Doggy Bathroom Tote Bags. This fully lined linen tote bag with a zipper closure and inside pocket is perfect for keeping treats, Doggy Bathroom pickup bags, toys and even the Doggy Bathroom towel to wipe muddy paws while out on adventures. We recommend keeping the tote bag on a hook by the door to grab on the way out.


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