An introduction to the Doggy Bathroom

The Doggy Bathroom has often been called a “dog litter box” that’s because your pup can relieve themselves in an enclosed, designated area, which makes it easy to manage and clean up, just like their feline counterparts.

Using the Doggy Bathroom is simple and straightforward:

Show them to the Doggy Bathroom. Your pooch enters the modular unit and does their business, whether they squat or lift their leg – our pee pads can be horizontal or vertical. Our dog litter box is a hygienic, no-fuss way to give your pet their independence. Let them freely explore the unit uninterrupted until they feel comfortable with it in the home.

Have everything in place. Make sure the pee pads are affixed to the wall (if they are leg-lifters) and another one on the bottom. You want your Doggy Bathroom to always be the same with no unexpected surprises.

Keep it in its designated area. Once you’ve set up the unit in a specific area of the home, make sure it stays put.  If you travel with your pup and the Doggy Bathroom, make sure they know where.  

Whether you have a vivacious pup who’s been trained on floor pee pads and is now lifting his leg, or an aging pup who is struggling with incontinence, the Doggy Bathroom makes everyone’s lives better. No more worrying about running late from work to let your pooch outside or finding unexpected “surprises” around the house – the Doggy Bathroom is the perfect solution for all your furry friends.


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