6 Steps to housetrain your dog

Housetraining a pup can be challenging – from their constant excitement level to becoming familiar with their new surroundings, it can all be very overwhelming for our little fur babies. So here are 6 steps to housetrain your dog and streamline the whole process.


Step 1 - Have a schedule

You must create a schedule you can stick to and one that works for both you and your pooch. Feed your dog at the same time every day and take away their food in-between those times. You should also help show them how to eliminate first thing in the morning, and then at regular times throughout the day. This can be achieved by walking them (in the same area of the neighbourhood) or working with pee pads (which always need to be in the same place – the Doggy Bathroom is the perfect solution, as this stationary unit will become their regular go-to spot to relieve themselves).


Step 2 - Have a reward system

Reinforcement is key when it comes to housetraining your dog. Make sure you have their favourite treats ready for when they do their business where they’re supposed to. Only use those treats for housetraining purposes (and not to give them as a snack, for example).


Step 3 - Stay close to your pet while housetraining

You want to support your pet while teaching them how to use the bathroom properly. Letting them loose into a backyard means giving them too much initial freedom, and your efforts may get delayed.


Step 4 - Remove their water dish before bedtime

Don’t allow your pup to have access to too much water leading up to bedtime. It will help to diminish the odds of accidents through the night.


Step 5 - Expect mistakes

This is not a black-and-white process where a dog is either successful or not. There are going to be a few “oops” moments, and that’s okay. Be sure to catch them in the act as quickly as possible and reprimand them accordingly (such as making a slightly startling noise to correct them), however never punish them by rubbing their noses in it, for example. Also, clean the soiled area well or your dog may return to that spot.


Step 6 - Make plans when you’re away

If you have a long day and won’t be able to let your dog outside for a walk, make sure you plan accordingly. Have a friend or neighbour walk your pup, or rest assured with your Doggy Bathroom knowing your pup has his/her own bathroom.


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