Benefits of a pet-friendly office

Going to work may not be your favourite place to venture off too, and it may not be your pet’s favourite thing either (after all, he/she will be left alone!). It’s a huge advantage when employers allow animals to come into the office – there are loads of reasons it can be super beneficial to its employees (not to mention their fur babies).

Here are some of the benefits of a pet-friendly office:

Less stress = more productivity. Having our animals around is scientifically proven to lower blood pressure and decrease stress. That means happier, more productive workers! Pets can provide us with social support and comfort, which may be just what you need after an intense meeting.

It gives you exercise. When you’ve got your pet in tow, you have to care for that pet throughout the day, which could mean walks or short play sessions – times when you’re more active than usual at the office.

More employee retention. People who are allowed to bring their pets to work are more likely to enjoy their workplace and, therefore, stay there for a longer period of time. For a business owner, that means less employee turnover.

It can also attract a younger group of millennials to a company (if that’s what the employer needs). The flexibility of having a pet-friendly office can be very appealing to fresh-faced hires who are just entering the workforce.

Improved working environment. Anyone who has a dog or cat knows that our animals bring all of us together – it’s a way to find common ground with someone. Within a professional setting, pets can help the company culture and unite its team in new ways.

Not all pets are necessarily cut out for the corporate world. For example, some dogs, perhaps larger or high-energy breeds, may not be suitable for an office setting, so make sure you judge the situation accordingly. That way, having a pet-friendly office will be a win-win for everyone.


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