Doggy Bathroom Featuring Keith Haring’s Art

Art and design have become synonymous with the Doggy Bathroom brand. Whether it is the sleek curves of the Doggy Bathroom, stylish colourways or its universal design, Doggy Bathroom blends seamlessly within any environment while also being a functional and dependable solution for you and your pup. 

With a mission to help dogs play a more active role in our lives, Doggy Bathroom is thrilled to present the new Doggy Bathroom x Keith Haring special edition featuring Haring’s iconic pieces that continues to build on the story of friendship. Combined with Doggy Bathroom products, the special edition melts the different elements together, creating a collection of artistic pieces in an already design-centric brand. 

Keith Haring was one of the most renowned young artists, filmmakers, and performers of his time. His work responded to the burgeoning urban street culture of the 1980s. Today, his eclectic subjects and artworks can be seen in a wide range of mediums and will now be showcased on a selection of Doggy Bathroom products.

Haring was best known for his illustrative depictions made of figures and symbols. Working with the Keith Haring Foundation, Doggy Bathroom has incorporated some of his well-loved designs, including the iconic barking dog and heart, on their durable, pet-friendly products to add a bit of art into your pet’s corner of the house. 

Keith Haring once famously said, “art is for everybody,” and we couldn’t agree more, even for our dogs. This special edition includes Doggy Bathroom x Keith Haring Starter Kits, Mats, Barking Dog Towels, and Bath Sets with a selection of Haring’s classic icons. These products bring a fresh new perspective to the Doggy Bathroom collection with bold, vibrant reds, achromatic black and piercing bright white.

© Keith Haring Foundation Licensed by Artestar, New York


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