What Type of Dog to get Based on your Zodiac Sign

Deciding what breed of dog to get can feel like a big decision. Every dog breed has different personality and behavioural traits, and it is important to find your best match. We use our zodiac signs to assess compatibility with a human partner, so why not use your star sign to find your furry best friend!

ARIES – Pomeranian 

Pomeranians may be small, but they are mighty! They know how to command attention with their vivacious personality, much like an Aries who is dynamic and competitive with a cheerful temperament. 

TAURUS – Toy Poodle 

Just like a graceful and bull-minded Taurus, Toy Poodles are a dependable, passionate and smart dog breed that will be devoted and loyal to their humans. 

GEMINI – Bichon Frise 

Geminis are expressive, curious and kind people who need a furry companion like a Bichon Frise that is full of personality, attentive and confident, with endless amounts of love to give. 

CANCER – Italian Greyhound

An elegant breed, Italian Greyhounds (aka Iggy) are sensitive, alert, playful and extremely affectionate – a great furry friend for an intuitive and loyal Cancer. 

LEO – Yorkie

As a fire sign, a Leo needs a furry friend to keep up with their confident, outgoing, and ambitious personality. Yorkies embody the fierce and brave qualities of a terrier making them the perfect fit for this vibrant star sign. 

VIRGO – Beagle

Bred to hunt, Beagles are loyal companions with an easy-going temperament making them fun-loving company for a kind and hard-working Virgo. 

LIBRA – Cavapoo

Cavapoos inherit the best traits from both their parents. They are extroverted, playful, curious, and cuddly dogs – the perfect match for a social, clever, and idealistic Libra. 

SCORPIO – Chihuahua 

Don’t be fooled by a Chihuahuas tiny size – they are a small breed with a big-dog attitude! Boasting loads of confidence, this brave little pup is the best companion for a loyal and determined Scorpio. 


As the most optimistic of the zodiac signs, a Sagittarius needs a pup to complement their positive and extroverted disposition. Though mischievous, Pugs are charming, playful, and always happy!

CAPRICORN – Dachshund 

A bit stubborn, a little playful and very intelligent, a Dachshund is a great sidekick for a serious and independent Capricorn. 

AQUARIUS – French Bulldog 

As one of the most adaptable breeds, Frenchies are highly alert and completely irresistible – an ideal furry friend for a deeply imaginative and uncompromising Aquarius.

PISCES – Maltipoo

This creative and empathetic star sign needs a furry best friend that can reciprocate their affection. Maltipoos are gentle, devoted, and loving – a perfect match for a sensitive Pisces. 


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