Unleashing Your Puppy's Potential: A Guide to Early Training

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is an exciting journey filled with joy and, of course, the initial challenge of potty training. Timing is crucial when it comes to teaching your furry friend, and starting early provides a clean slate for effective learning. This guide will explore the categories of social and obedience training, focusing on what you can teach your puppy right from the start.

Begin with potty training as a top priority. While your puppy may lack full control of his bodily functions initially, establishing a routine and designated area for elimination is key. Keep a diary to anticipate when he needs to go and guide him to the right spot. A smart Doggy Bathroom will quickly become a new best friend!

Address chewing behaviour by offering "legal" chew toys. Utilise food-dispensing toys for meals, encouraging mental stimulation and minimizing destructive chewing. When it comes to biting, foster bite inhibition by providing humane feedback—scream "ouch" and withdraw attention when bites are too hard. Puppies are like super cute sponges, eager to absorb knowledge. If your breeder or shelter has already initiated basic obedience exercises, such as teaching them to Sit, you have a head start. While the early days may be overwhelming with daily puppy care, incorporating basic commands like Sit and Come can start as soon as your puppy settles in.

Capture behaviours in the moment and associate them with commands. For example, say "Sit" as your puppy begins to sit. Repeat the process with "Come" as they walk towards you. While reliability may not be immediate due to their short attention spans, early training lays the foundation for effective communication. Teaching “Stay” requires patience and frequent rewards. Offer treats and praise every moment your puppy stays, reinforcing the behaviour. Introduce a release word, turn away, and walk away to conclude the command.

Puppies undergo rapid physical and mental development. The first six months of their lives equate to 12 human years. Recognizing this accelerated growth emphasizes the importance of consistent and patient training. Your puppy learns hundreds, if not thousands, of new things daily. Patience and consistency in training contribute to a positive learning experience, fostering a strong bond between you and your furry companion.

Early training is a pivotal aspect of nurturing a well-behaved and happy puppy. By addressing social and obedience training from the outset, you set the stage for a rewarding companionship. Remember, your puppy is a fast learner, and with your guidance, you both can embark on an enjoyable journey together.


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