Doggy Bathroom Gives Back for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We are pleased to announce that Doggy Bathroom will be donating all the proceeds for the month of October from all our ‘Pink’ products - including  the ‘Pink’ Doggy Bathroom Starter Kit and ‘Pink’ Base to Breast Cancer Awareness initiatives. 

For this month only, get a free Pink Base with any purchase over $150 with the code Switch2Pink. To kick things off, and on behalf of everyone already helping us to launch this new initiative - Doggy Bathroom is donating the first $1,000.00. Doggy Bathroom believes in social responsibility and the impact a business can have on a community. Since 2020, Breast Cancer has become the most common form of cancer worldwide. There is a pressing need for more awareness and breast cancer research - the time to act is now! 

We invite you - our Doggy Bathroom family, to support the cause and switch your existing Doggy Bathroom Base to a Pink Base for the month of October. This initiative will be known as #Switch2Pink from now on! Thank you for your continuous support, and we’re so happy to forward all the proceeds from all our Pink products towards this very worthy cause.

Support the cause, #Switch2Pink


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