3 Reasons Why You Need Dog Mats

3 Reasons Why You Need Dog Mats

Since your pup is one of the most important members of your family, designing a pet-friendly home is important to make sure that they can live happily and comfortably with you. But you'll want to design a space where your pets can live with you in style. An easy way for your dogs to step into luxury in your home is by adding a Doggy Bathroom mat. Not only are they made from washable, absorbent fabric, but the stylish colours will also complement your existing decor. Here are three reasons why you need a dog mat in your home. 

It adds elegance to any entryway
This mat can be placed at the entrance of your Doggy Bathroom or strategically set in a few different high traffic areas for your dog around your home. Mats are a great way to add a complementary colour to your home without clashing with your current furniture. 

Adds a function accent colour to any room
Since Doggy Bathroom was founded by an award-winning interior designer, design and functionality are always a priority. The colours selected by Doggy Bathroom reflect current design trends and match the popular paint colours and furniture materials that people are using. Instead of being an eyesore, these mats are attractive to the eye and will help to enhance your space. 

Pet-proof busy areas
A mat is a functional way to pet-proof high-traffic areas in your home. Place it in front of your Doggy Bathroom, at the front door to wipe their paws after a long walk, by the bath to have a place for them to dry off, or any other space that your dog visits often. The contemporary grid design on the Doggy Bathroom mat is subtle so that guest will never know this little mat serve a big role for your dog. 


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